Residential Solar Panels for Nebraska

Rooftop or ground mounted solar energy systems for your Nebraska home

Join The Solar Revolution

More and more Nebraskans are turning toward solar panel systems to cut or eliminate their electric bill. With electric rates often rising unpredictably and faster than the rate of inflation, rooftop solar panels can generate all the electricity your home requires – and in many cases, your meter will spin backwards, meaning your utility company will pay you. Renewable Solar also installs ground mounted solar systems when a rooftop system will not fit on your Nebraska home.


Solar systems can boost the sales price of your home. High-quality and durable solar equipment increase in value over time as energy rates rise and reduce energy costs.


Replacing energy from dirty power with clean solar energy will create a brighter future for generations to come.

Invest in the future with a home solar system installed by Renewable Solar. Discover how you can start saving with solar power today!

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Renewable Solar is a leading installer of solar panels in the Midwest. One of our main goals is to help business owners in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota gain energy independence by adding residential solar panels to their homes.