Net Metering and Nebraska Solar Panels

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a method of billing that give owners of solar energy systems credit for electricity they add to the grid. That means that any electricity you generate with your system that is not used immediately is feed into the grid for others to use. While the extra energy is being created, a special power meter supplied by your utility spins backward rather than forward.

How does Net Metering help Nebraskans?

Nebraska passed a net metering law in 2009 giving the state‚Äôs residents and businesses a chance to generate excess power and receive credit for it. For example, if a Nebraska homeowner installs a PV rooftop system, it might generate more electricity than the home uses during the hours the sun is shining. If that home is net-metered, then the meter will run backwards giving the Nebraska homeowner credit against the amount of electricity that is consumed at night. The customers is then billed only for the difference between what was generated and what was used – the “net” energy used.